Who should use MBSPros.com?
Our system is designed for mortgage and financial professionals that already have a good working knowledge and understanding of Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS). This system is not recommended for mortgage professionals that do not have an adequate understanding of MBS nor is it recommended for consumers.

How will MBSPros.com help to keep me ahead of pricing changes?
If you are completing a Fannie Mae Mortgage (FNMA) for your client, you are getting your rates and funding ultimately from the sale of a FNMA mortgage backed security. FNMA mortgages do not get their rates from the Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasuries or any other source. Therefore, you need live access to FNMA MBS pricing so that you can see the pricing patterns. As MBS sell for more, your rates go down (or your back end pricing goes up). As MBS sell for less, interest rates go up (or your back end pricing goes down). Since all investors and secondary marketing departments take some time to alter their pricing structures, you can stay ahead of them by monitoring live data.

What is the difference between your Free and Pro versions?
The Free version displays MBS and financial data that is delayed 30 minutes. This is still good to monitor historical trends and to see why your pricing changed but it is not capable of keeping you ahead of rate changes. The Pro version includes LIVE access to MBS data so that you can stay ahead and beat your intra-day pricing changes. Also, the Pro version has the option to include text message alerts.

Is there a contract?
No. You can cancel anytime without any cancellation fees.

Do you provide lock recommendations?
We let the historical and live data do all of the talking. Armed with this data (as well as important bond and economic news feeds), you make the call on what is appropriate for your rate locks.

How does your text message alerts work?
If you select this option, you let us know your cell phone number and service provider. You then customize and select how often you want to receive a text message update on how MBS are trading. For example, you could select to automatically receive an update every hour, or at just 10:00 and 2:00. You have complete control on how you will receive your text alerts and can change the settings anytime. We send out the following data to your cell phone: MBS daily change, DOW change and U.S. 10 Year Treasury change. You have complete control on how often you want to receive the text message alerts. You can change/turn off or on the text messages at anytime.

Do you have corporate discounts?
Yes for a minimum of 25 users that are setup at the same time. Email us using the contact form for more details.

Where do you get your data?
We utilize live data feeds from FinNow.com which is the same provider for many of our competitors. This means that you get the same high-quality data feeds that you are used to but for a fraction of the cost.

Is a mobile version included?
Of course. Your monthly subscription includes live data that you can access on your pc, mac, ipad, tablet, iphone, and android systems. All for only $10 per month.

Do you have a free trial?
You can see and experience all of the functionality of our system with our free version. Quite simply, if you want access to live and not delayed data it is only $10 per month (that is less than the cost of one lunch per month) and you can cancel anytime.

Are there any use restrictions for subscribers?
Each subscription entitles ONLY one user to access our system (come on folks its just $10 per month). The data and content of this site cannot be copied or redistributed in anyway.

Can I print out the charts and email them to my clients?
We do not support that function, our data is for loan officers only. Letting a consumer look at a chart without your supervision could cause them great financial harm because they may not understand it (particularly due to the fact that mortgage rates move inversely to MBS pricing). The best solution is for you to be present and review it with them live or use a program such as webex or join.me to have a live web meeting with them and show them your screen so that you can explain to them what is going on and what their unique options are.